DUI Lawyer in Albany, Oregon

DUI Lawyer in Corvallis, Oregon

DUI Lawyer in Eugene, Oregon

DUI Lawyer in Salem, Oregon

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Thomas A. Hill
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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Albany

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Defense Lawyer in Benton County
Defense Lawyer in Lane County
Defense Lawyer in Linn County
Defense Lawyer in Marion County

Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer experienced in handling all types of matters. Thomas A. Hill is an Oregon lawyer in Albany, Oregon. He practices primarily criminal defense, domestic relations and business litigation law. With over 20 years experience, he has represented clients in civil jury trials in state and federal courts, and has defended clients with criminal charges in over 150 jury trials in circuit courts throughout Oregon.

DUI Lawyer in Benton County
DUI Lawyer in Lane County
DUI Lawyer in Linn County
DUI Lawyer in Marion County

Defense Lawyer in Albany, Oregon

Defense Lawyer in Corvallis, Oregon

Defense Lawyer in Eugene, Oregon

Defense Lawyer in Salem, Oregon

No lawyer? Bad idea.

If you've been arrested or accused of a crime, contact Albany attorney Thomas A. Hill sooner rather than later. Waiting to speak with a lawyer until after you have gone to court is never a good idea. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas A. Hill in Albany, Corvallis, Eugene & Salem

When your livelihood, your freedom, your reputation and your dignity are on the line, you need an experienced defense attorney and successful criminal lawyer. Criminal law attorney Thomas A. Hill represents clients throughout Oregon, including Benton, Lane, Linn, and Marion County Circuit Courts.  

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